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My College Buddy Got Married!

Congratulations to Michael and Laura Beth! Michael is one of my dearest friends from back in college at South Carolina! We were both in the film department and it seems like it was just yesterday that we were working on short films and Dorito commercials together. In fact, that's how I first met Laura Beth who was doing special effects under a couch for a robot monkey. Yeah, you can't make this stuff up. Since college, Michael has been so supportive and has even donated his personal equipment and money to help me create a Star Trek documentary (yes, I'm a nerd). All I can say is that I'm really happy that I was blessed to be there when these two goofy and vibrant souls tied the knot. The wedding venue was Woodside Plantation Country Club in Aiken, SC. Fun Fact: During her portraits, Laura Beth cruised down the golf corse to ask the golfers to stop hitting balls so she could finish her pictures. You go girl! And now, pictures!

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Woodside Plantation Country Club Aiken, SC

Woodside Plantation Country Club wedding
Aiken wedding venues
Aiken wedding pictures
Goofy wedding pictures
Tilt shift pictures
Wedding tilt shift pictures
Aiken boho wedding
Wedding dress
Bridesmaids robes
Getting ready pictures
Mom helping with dress
Bridesmaids helping with dress
Mom there for bridals
Bridal portrait Aiken
Rockstar bride
The Bridesmaids pose
This is funny
Red bridesmaids dress
Canon 45mm tilt shift
Groom portrait
Groomsmen serious pictures
Goofy groomsmen pictures
Groomsmen jumping pictures
Super hero groomsmen
Best man brother
Adjusting flowers
Groomsmen getting ready
Bride walking down aisle

Groom sees his bride
Give me away
Aiken wedding photos
Bride vows
First kiss
We're so married
Full wedding party pictures
Boho Wedding Cake
Wedding cake boho
First dance magic
True love
Natural light reception
Father daughter dance
Mother son dance
Cake cutting
Cake in face
wedding speeches
Best man speech
Maid of honor speech
Young people dancing
Groomsmen dancing
Lovers dance
Bridesmaids dancing
Bridesmaid reception
Arty long exposure
Please help
Funny wedding pictures
Sparkler exit
Natural light sparkler exit

Christlyn and Erik are Atlanta Wedding and Engagement Photographers. Lunalee Photography.

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