About Us


About The Founders, Christlyn and Erik 

I first met Christlyn in our home state of South Carolina while working together on a feature film set. I did my best to impress her by showing off some short films I made in college and it worked! We quickly became friends, but it would take me six whole months to finally work up the courage to ask her out. With the premiere of my short film at a local film festival coming up, I knew this was my chance to make a move. Finally! The evening was movie magic and we quickly fell in love. 


But then, Christlyn moved back to her hometown of Charleston, SC to follow her dreams of going to film school. Long-distance relationships are hard. We only saw each other every other weekend and quickly realized that being apart wasn’t for us. Sometimes the hard times in life can help you fully appreciate the good times.

So, when the time finally came, we both moved to Atlanta and started Lunalee Photography. In May 2016, I proposed while hiking atop a mountain in North Carolina (read all about that adventure here). In August 2017, we eloped to California for a glorious road trip in a camper van through San Fransisco, Yosemite and Big Sur.

And now, we photograph weddings in Charleston, Atlanta and everywhere in between!

That's us in the video below getting married!

Our Philosophy

When you break it down, the main purpose of a wedding is to bring two souls together who are madly in love and have chosen to team up for this crazy adventure called life. And that’s a big freaking deal!

Our ultimate goal for your wedding day is to capture the real love you two share for each other and all of the emotion that comes with that in the most authentic and genuine way possible. Since we're documentary style, so we’re not here to mold you like a mannequin and tell you when to smile. The name of the game is to be yourself! We want you to look back at your pictures and see real smiles, genuine laughs and raw emotions. ​

In terms of look, we use muted tones and natural light to create a warm 'classic film look'.