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Decatur Square and Jackson Street Bridge Engagement Session

For today's blog, I'd like to introduce you to Brittany & George! Below, read their adorable love story along with some pictures from their engagement session at Decatur Square and Jackson Street Bridge in downtown Atlanta. Looking forward to their winter wedding in February at Flitn Hill!

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How They Met: In Brittany’s words. I officially met George about four years ago on a beautiful, fall Saturday in Atlanta, at a football tailgate party. Unofficially, I knew of George through a mutual friend and had unsuccessfully attempted to flirt with him a week or two prior to this particular tailgate.It was early November and Auburn was playing Tennessee, both my alma maters. I tagged along with my best friend to a tailgate party at the house of some friends she knew from college. Seeing mostly decidedly male vehicles outside this party, we were not confident about the party snack situation but low and behold there was a whole tailgate spread. That was when I was first introduced to George’s cooking skills, super impressive to me since I can hardly boil water or slice vegetables without injury. He continued to charm me through the night with his witty banter and sense of humor and we compared taste in music by taking over the party playlist.If I had any doubts of George’s interest in me that day, they were put to rest by his kindergarten-level attempts at flirting. During a game of Polish horseshoes, he hit me with a Frisbee- the only wild throw he would have all night. We made a plan to meet again the following weekend in Auburn for the Georgia game and followed it up with a Sunday dinner date back in Atlanta. Luckily, 2013 was Auburn’s miracle winning season and a little bit of that luck rubbed off on us. How He Asked: In George’s words. First of all, no one ever warns you about the meticulous details that come with planning a proposal. Our story played out like a romantic movie with plenty of comedic twists and turns in between. Brittany andI had been planning a trip to Europe for the better part of 2016; however, little did she know, I had another agenda of planning a proposal.Trying to keep the proposal a secret leading up to our trip was close to impossible. After receiving her blessing at Thanksgiving, I had sworn Brittany’s mother to secrecy only to find out by Christmas that most of her family was in on the plan. To add another layer of complexity I used Brittany’s grandmother’s ring to help create this new family heirloom. I had to bend the truth and tell Brittany thatI was putting the jewelry in a lock box so we knew it would stay safe. The jeweler would occasionally send mail to our apartment so I needed to be on constant alert to strike out any opportunity for the surprise to be ruined.We flew to Paris overnight from Atlanta, with a layover in London, where my irrational fear of being selected by security to empty my carry-on bag came true in the London Heathrow airport. TSA politely asked me to open my bag and empty its contents. I could see Brittany attempting to make a move to help with the process by unzipping my brown leather duffle bag. Looking back, I regret my immediate reaction, but at the time it seemed like the only option. I gave her a Heisman worthy stiff arm to push her on through security so she wouldn’t see the ring. Luckily after showing them the iPad in the bag they ushered me on through without further questions.We finally landed in Paris and given the length of our journey and chilly temperature, we decided to goto a local café for some authentic French cuisine of escargot and onion soup. By the time we finished our dinner, the ring was burning a hole in my pocket and the only thing I could think about was asking this wonderful woman to spend the rest of her life with me. The cafe was within walking distance to theLouvre/Arc de Triumph, and on a clear night includes a backdrop of the Eiffel tower. The difficult part came with convincing Brittany to trek through the cold to get there. Each block was reminiscent of riding in the car with a child, “Are we there yet?” “How much further?”... Upon clearing the courtyard between the pyramids of the Louvre, we stopped to soak in the scenery. The thoughts of being cold faded away and I took this opportunity to drop to a knee, pop open the box, and tell her that there was no other person I’d rather be with, travel with, or love than her. We then spent the next two wonderful weeks enjoying an unforgettable adventure and celebrating the start of a lifetime journey together.

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