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How We Met... (Anna’s Version) Vince and I met in the most romantic way. I spilled a Venti coffee all over myself and my desk at work. Luckily Vince saved the day by letting me borrow his coffee rag (for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it is a dish cloth used for coffee spills at work instead of a paper towel…). Even though we had sat next to each other at work for a month or so, Vince was constantly on conference calls so we hadn’t really met! Naturally I used the opportunity to recruit the smartest guy at the ranch to play trivia with us. From that point on, Vince was roped into all of my crazy plans; hatching sea monkeys, buying a habitat for a peppermint shrimp, tie-dying shirts for a MARTA themed birthday party, and lots of piñatas. At some point, I realized he was the only partner in crime I wanted in life, and we started dating! I knew it was a done deal when my dog Emmy started liking him more than me.

How We Met... (Vince’s Version) Once upon a time in a land called AT&T, a beautiful maiden sitting at the desk next to mine spilled her coffee. Here, I thought, is truly a damsel in distress, for if I do not act with haste her computer and keyboard shall surely perish. And so, leaping from my ergonomic office chair, I withdrew the coffee rag I kept in my file cabinet (for I myself, dearest reader, was no stranger to spilled coffee) and handed it to the ochre-haired Senior Program Project Manager who so desperately required its absorptive powers. At precisely that moment, our eyes met, and I knew that we would fall in love. But every young reader knows that where there are damsels, there are dragons. And so began my quest to win over the fierce dragon Emmy, who was the fair Anna's loyalest protector. At first this seemed an insurmountable challenge, for the dragon required constant walks and demanded my participation in hours-long games of fetch and tug-o- war. Nevertheless I persevered, and ultimately I succeeded not only in taming wild Emmy, but also in finding her a new friend: Maddie the unicorn- whippet, whose speed and grace have become the subject of so many poems and songs. Now we are four -- Anna, Emmy, Maddie and I -- and sometimes when I catch Anna singing to herself in her car, or pretending to be a ninja, or shopping for horses online, I want to cry because I'm so happy. I can't wait to marry her. HOW HE ASKED - more below!

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How He asked… (Anna’s Version)

I am a fairly nosy person, so usually there are no secrets I can’t figure out. So, I was assuming that I would not be surprised when Vince proposed. We went to Mexico for our friend’s wedding last November. I knew Vince was planning on popping the question sometime soon, and I reminded him several times that he was not allowed to propose at someone else’s wedding. We were watching some sci-fi movie on the flight back, and I heard someone talking over the intercom. Vince, being the gentleman that he is, had taken the middle seat. He ripped my headphones out of my ear, and hopping over me to get into the aisle. I heard the flight attendant say something about how Vince knew he couldn’t propose in Mexico, so he was going to propose as soon as possible afterwards. I was, of course, sobbing. It was an amazing and super surprising moment. How I Asked… (Vince’s Version)

In another life, my fiancé might have been a detective. There’s very little she doesn’t notice, and she’s basically a human lie detector. So I knew I had to be especially sneaky with how I proposed to her. Fortunately, I caught a break: Anna asked me NOT to propose at our friend’s wedding in Mexico in late November. Which meant that I’d have to propose some time after Thanksgiving. Or so she thought. That’s when I hatched my plan. If I couldn’t propose in Mexico, then I’d propose the moment we entered American airspace, on the flight back, 30,000 feet in the air. I gave the flight attendant a script to read over the intercom and, when we had reached a safe altitude and finished drink service, she did exactly that. A few moments later, somewhere over western Alabama, Anna and I were engaged. She never did get to finish her in-flight movie.

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