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Magical Rooftop Proposal at Ponce City Market's Skyline Park

If you are thinking of popping the question, it's time to step up your game! While not every girl or guy wants a big splashy proposal, they probably do want a picture to go with it. And because you know them so well, you also have some idea of what they'd be comfortable with when it comes to surprises and people being around. Just a few words of wisdom from a guy who also hired a photographer when he proposed. ;)

And now, here's the story of James and Alesia's magical rooftop proposal!

Christlyn and I arrived at Skyline Park crazy early, just be safe. James told us that he was going to propose to Alesia during a game of mini golf, how fun! After dinner at Nine Mile Station, the two began their game of mini golf. Christlyn and I found the perfect spot with the most privacy and with Atlanta's glowing skyline as a backdrop: The 18th hole. And with that, the trap was set! The anticipation was killing us as we watched them slowly make their way to the 18th hole.

Skyline Park Ponce City Market

It's so funny taking pictures of a surprise proposal. You end up being this weird person(s) loitering and pretending to take pictures of something else just to avoid suspicion. You have to monitor their every move just before the moment to make sure you don't miss it, but you also have to avoid staring lest you be discovered. It's a delicate game, but a fun one! Christlyn and I sat at the same table for way too long waiting for them to reach the 18th hole. All the while, we tried to blend in with the other folks around us who were dancing and enjoying adult beverages. We only drank Sprite, but we did dance around like morons because we're good at what we do. ;) Gotta fit in.

Finally, hole 18! James was so smooth. He was so calm and collected throughout the game even though I'm sure his heart was racing a mile a minute. With the perfect setting and with the love of his life standing in front of him, James got down on one knee. I sprang into action and started clicking.

Her. Jaw. Dropped. What a moment!!!

How He asked by The Knot
Rooftop surprise proposal
Atlanta marriage proposal

She said yes to his perfect surprise marriage proposal!

She said yes to his proposal
Surprise marriage proposal
His perfect marriage proposal
Overcome with joy
Hold me closer
Bride to be Atlanta

After that, we had a very quick engagement session at Skyline Park at Ponce City Market Rooftop.

Skyline Park engagement pictures
Skyline Park games rooftop
Skyline Park rooftop engagement
Ponce City Market engagement pictures
Ponce City Market engagement session
The Rooftop at Ponce City Market

Truly a moment straight out of How He Asked by The Knot. Yes, we are Atlanta wedding photographers, but we LOVE proposals! So much magic- I can't get enough of them! To James and Alesia, we love you guys and congratulations!!!

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