Adventure Blog: Family Camping Trip at Table Rock Mountain | Lunalee Photography

Well, it's far too cold to go camping, or even walk to the mailbox for that matter, so here's a story about our last camping trip... :) This trip happened just after Robert graduated from Marine Boot Camp at Parris Island. Going camping was one of the things Robert really wanted to do on his time off, so I am really glad we got to make this trip happen. We arrived at Table Rock in North Carolina (Linville Gorge) just before sunset. We picked our campsite and set up in the dark (which actually wasn't that bad). From our campsite, you look down at a distant town and see all its twinkling lights. It's a short hike to a nearby cliffside where you can get a good look at the stars... and man, was it beautiful! The next morning, we woke just before sunrise and headed back to the cliffside. It was so amazing to watch the sun come up over the horizon and feel the heat warm our frozen hands. After breakfast, we started our hike up Table Rock Mountain. I'll let the pictures and video tell the rest of the story.