Twas Two Weeks Until Christmas | A Wedding Blog

Once upon a time, in that enchanting time of our lives known as middle school, Catie and Ethan first met each other. Flash forward to today - to their fabulous winter wedding at The Jewell House.

Catie & Ethan's wedding was very much a DIY winter-wonderland wedding. The Jewell House in Jewell, GA is utterly gorgeous already, so with their personal touch on decorations, it was a smash hit success. They had help from their family who were such a big part of the wedding. Nieces and nephews who they had never been able to meet before came from halfway across the country. Siblings who hadn't seen each other in years were able to make it. It felt like a happy reunion. Because it's a relatively new wedding venue to the Atlanta area, The Jewell House may be unfamiliar to many Atlanta Wedding Photographers, but it's the perfect Georgia wedding venue... and has a barn! Suzanne and Wayne are a delight and it's the perfect location for wedding pictures! And with that, I'll get started with pictures. ...Twas two weeks until Christmas... and Catie was by the Christmas tree, getting ready to be married.

There were a lot of young ones running about, some screaming and crying, and other laughing and enjoying the festivities going on around them. The flower girls were just the cutest, they even went to look at themselves in the mirror and make last second adjustments.

Meanwhile, Ethan and the boys were finishing up a game of Cards Against Humanity before getting ready. They had their own building to themselves, The Barber Shop.

Surrounded by loved ones, Catie's finishing touches were complete.

It was literally freezing outside, but everyone was such a trooper. They left the coziness of the main Jewell House building to brave the elements, all in the name of fun pictures!

Catie had two first looks. First, with her brother and second with her husband to be, Ethan.

And now, on to the chapel! Super cute, right?

The reception was held in the newly added barn building. It was getting colder and colder, but luckily the lovely folks at the Jewell House were ready with large heaters to keep everyone toasty. The glow of this place is simply magical.

And we end with a lavender exit!