Zac & Stacy's Mountain Top Marriage Proposal | As Featured on The Knot's "How He As

It all started when Zac told me that he was looking for a photographer for when he proposes to his girlfriend, Stacy. I thought, how cute! But then, he mentioned something truly amazing - He was proposing on top of a mountain! From there, it was difficult to contain my excitement because I myself had done this exact same thing only 6 months ago when I proposed to Christlyn at Grandfather Mountain. Before I get into the all of the fun details, let me mention that their story was recently featured on Please check it out because it tells the story from Stacy's perspective and also gives their relationship some adorable backstory. Alright, so back to the story. The days leading up to and following the proposal were a complete whirlwind for me as I clocked a combined 26 hours in a car, but I was determined to be there. I sent Zac words of advice from my personal experience of trying to hide proposal plans. I told him to be careful about having your ring box poking through your pockets, have an excuse for who I am in your phone log, don't be too insistent on where and when to be places. Most importantly though, try to contain your emotions in the moments leading up to getting on one knee. Let me tell you, Zac was a champ! As a fellow photographer, Stacy places a huge amount of importance on capturing important moments through pictures. Just like my proposal to Christlyn, Zac and Stacy's took place in the Blue Ridge Mountain of North Carolina. The location was Craggy Gardens Pinnacle Trail just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Asheville. The trap was set at the summit of the trail where Stacy immediately started snapping pictures and taking in the beautiful fall foliage. Below, you can see Zac having a moment of reflection just moments before popping the question.

It was Halloween day and they came prepared with costumes!

From the bottom of my heart, congratulations to Zac and Stacy - I truly hope we can see each other again soon, maybe a hiking trip!