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Adventure Blog: Linville Gorge | Lunalee Photography

Linville Gorge, oh what a beautiful place. With the busy fall wedding season fast approaching, it can be hard to find a free weekend. This past weekend though, we were able to take my younger siblings (John and Amelia) to the mountains for a early/late birthday celebration for the both of them and Erik's brother Zach came along too. With only a general idea of where we were going and no particular campsite picked out, we crossed our fingers and headed toward the gorge. Now this was the first time we had ever been to Linville Gorge and I was honestly quite worried that we wouldn't be able to find a campsite at all. Not long after pulling into Pisgah National Forest, we found a spot off a secluded gravel road and started making it home just before dark.

Hammock setup Linville Gorge
Spider web in tree bark
Advanced hammock setup
Chopping firewood fail
Linville Gorge campfire

The next morning, we woke up to a little bit of rain, but it eventually it moved on and we started our hike to the top f Hawksbill Mountain.

Camp Clayborne Bison Bag
Camping with dogs in tent
Camp Clayborne hammock with dog
Camp Clayborne Hammock Bison Bag
Coffee prep
Puppy with master
We started the fire
Embers in the fire
Just before our hike
Portrait of boy with dog and axe

Now I didn't do much research on the trail to Hawksbill Mountain, so we were pleasantly surprised when we got to the top by how "gorge"ous it was! See what I did there? It's a pun cause it's a gorge and it's gorgeous... oh you get it, never mind :)

Women who hike Linville Gorge
Sun beams at Linville Gorge
Family camping trip to Linville Gorge
Piggy back sister
Explore North Carolina
Camping with dogs in North Carolina
Face the gorge
Portrait of John
John takes in the view
Jumping in the mountains
Stay safe out there
Handstand pictures
Meditation on the mountain
Linville Gorge Pisgah National Forest
Landmark Project shirt Pisgah
One last look
Fake falling off a cliff picture
Wide angle mountain
Centered in the gorge
Cliffside dwelling
King of the mountain
Family camping trip destinations North Carolina
Sitting on the edge of a cliff
Brothers camping
John on the cliff
Tube sock and wrong shoes camping
This is fun
Wedding photographers enjoy some r&r

We eventually ran out of water and were forced to go all privative and collect drinking water out of a nearby stream...well I guess it wasn't really that privative since we ran it through Zach's fancy water filter first. It honestly tasted cleaner than our bottled water.

Water filtration system

Just before sunset, we went scouting for future campsites and hiking spots at nearby Table Rock. The views there at sunset are just incredible!

Table Rock Mountain Linville Gorge
Table Rock in the background
Love these kids
Table Rock view pointing
Sun flare dog
Glowing sunset
Sunset at Table Rock Mountain
Orange skies
Brother and sister sunset
Us and our doggy
Sunset at Linville Gorge
Purple light at sunset