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Atlanta Wedding Photographers shoot Flint Hill Wedding Photos in Norcross, GA

Flint Hill is just the perfect venue for wedding photos. You can quickly see why all Atlanta wedding photographers would jump at the opportunity to work with this amazing wedding venue – one of the best Atlanta and Norcross wedding venues!

To say this wedding was awesome is an understatement. From the bagpipes, kilts and swords - it was all so amazing! For Erik and I, the coolest part about their wedding was how much we had gotten to know Jenn and Steve through our initial meeting, engagement session, bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. There really is so much that happens in the days, weeks and months leading up to a wedding and I'm so glad we got to capture all of the fun and be there for the more intimate get-togethers in addition to the wedding day. Getting to know Jenn and Steve has been an absolute joy and we couldn't be happier for them! :)

Live from Flint Hill in Norcross, GA, Lunalee Photography proudly presents Jenn and Steve's wedding pictures!

Flint Hill Norcross Wedding Photos

And now, wedding pictures!

Wedding shoes on the floor
Bride coffee mug
Lipstick in a yellow chair
Curling iron hair for bride
Flower girl puta her shoe on
Flint Hill Norcross, GA
Wedding Dress hanging in tree
Groom's room at Flint Hill Norcross
Groomsmen getting ready
Mirror bridal suite Flint Hill
Mom helping with the veil
Hold my hand, girl!
I'll be okay
Flint Hill staircase mirror
Bride down the stairs
Silly bridesmaids pose
Bridal party jumping
Bridal photos Flint Hill Atlanta
Scottish wedding Atlanta
Scottish swords wedding
Wedding Party Flint Hill
Groom portrait at the gate
Bridal portrait at Flint Hill Norcross
A smile on her wedding day
Brick walkway portrait
Flower bouquet with locket
She smiles as he kisses her
Flint Hill wedding portraits
I do in Atlanta
We are so married now
Flint Hill Wedding Atlanta
Wedding ceremony Flint Hill
Family enjoying each other
Groom just before wedding ceremony
Flower girl rose peddles
Scottish bagpipes wedding
Walking down the aisle with daddy
Groom's wedding ceremony reaction
Giving daughter away
Flint Hill balcony view
Wedding day kilts
Groom during ceremony
Emotional moment for bride
Wedding rings handoff
Scottish wedding themes
Wedding day prayer
I now pronounce you husband and wife
Cheese bowl wedding
Wedding Cake happily ever after
Wedding reception at Flint Hill Norcross
Cake cutting is bliss
First dance
Kiss after first dance
Powerful father daughter dance pictures
Mother son wedding dance
Time for a drink
Brother's speech at wedding
Bride and Groom reaction to wedding speeches