The Goat Farm Wedding Pictures | Atlanta Wedding Photographers | A Practical Wedding in Atlanta

How does one incorporate goats into a wedding? Yes, today's blog will feature a practical wedding in Atlanta, a really hip couple, some personal insight on today's wedding culture.... and of course, goats and pictures of goats. This is the story of Jessica and Richard's rad wedding. Before any photography takes place, we usually like to meet up with our couples to grab a cup of coffee, get to know each other and talk about their wedding plans. Since Jessica and Richard were from New York, we actually met them on the day of their engagement shoot. They told of their plans to have a bit of a unconventional wedding that included portrait photos at The Goat Farm, a ceremony in a park and a reception at a local restaurant. Only an intimate group of close family would be in attendance keeping the wedding simple, yet special. Their plans got us both very excited! If we could, we'd recommend that more couples follow Jessica & Richard's lead and consider a more practical wedding that allows the bride and groom to focus more on each other and get exactly what they want .... all while saving money. After all, weddings can be a huge source of stress with expenses that spiral out of control with the couple struggling to make guests happy instead of making the day about themselves. From a photographer's standpoint, a wedding like Jessica and Richard's allows for tons of bonus picture time - which is obviously awesome! Their portraits at The Goat Farm became a wedding photography adventure with an industrial feel. Speaking of pictures, the rest of the story will be told by them.

The day began with Jessica and Richard getting ready for their day at The Loews Hotel in downtown Atlanta. Richard was in the process of selecting between light blue or grey for his suit.


And here comes the thunderstorm...

A little rain can' stop true love. Inside we go to Bacchanalia / Star Provisions to complete the ceremony.