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Meet Jessica and Richard!

Drinks at Cafe Intermezzo Midtown Atlanta
Holding her hand at the cafe

We were super excited to meet these two and introduce them to one of our favorite coffee shops in downtown Atlanta, Cafe Intermezzo. While their family lives here in Atlanta, Jessica and Richard live and work in Miami and New York. We were so glad that they could take some time off from their busy schedules to come hang with us in Atlanta!

Cafe Intermezzo Midtown Atlanta
She loves his flower
Cafe Intermezzo Midtown Atlanta Flag

After snapping a few pictures in the cafe, the hunt to find a good view of the ferris wheel began. We found our spot at the top of a parking garage.

Engagement session ferris wheel background
Parking garage engagement session

And then, we hit the streets!

Crossing the street Atlanta engagement session

It was a cloudy day, so we packed some umbrellas just in case. They turned into props for a few shots!

Singin' in the Rain engagement session
Engagement ring close up

Little alleys like this are perfect for a romantic moment!

Kissing up against a wall
Arrow pointing down to couple


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