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Lunalee Photography: Denea + Wabee Wedding | Wedding Video Blog | Atlanta Wedding Videographers | 70

Road trip!!! Like I always say, any excuse to come home is a good one. This time though, it was for a friend back in Columbia, SC. The first time Denea reached out to me was a few years back while we were both working at the same restaurant. I had recently bought my Canon 7D camera and was ready to take my photography to the next level. Denea was kind enough to give me one of my first paid photography gigs - doing portraits for her adorable family! Throw back to 2013!

Because I was just starting out on my quest to become a professional photographer, it was gigs like this that gave me a huge confidence boost to keep honing my craft. It meant that someone thought I had potential which had a lasting impression on me. Now that Erik and I have opened a new chapter in our lives, and started Lunalee Photography, I was super excited to hear from Denea again. But this time, it was for her wedding video! To Denea and Wabee: We feel very lucky to have been a part of your wedding and we hope that this video allows you to relive that special day for years to come.


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