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Arabia Mountain Adventure | Lunalee Photography Blog

Fact #47: I'm gonna say something here that most Southerners will agree with: Right about now, we'd much prefer the mosquito-infested blazing heat over this bitter cold. I guess that's what growing up in the south does to you. Side Note: The only exception to this is Christmas or the very rare moments when enough snow sticks to go sledding!

Since moving to the Atlanta area, Erik and I have loved getting to know our new surrounding and going on little photography adventures. Just like many of you, the January/February weather has kept us mostly inside and we've been feeling a bit of cabin fever! So on Super Bowl Sunday, just before the game, we braved the windy winter weather and went on an exploration to a near-by park, Arabia Mountain. While it's called Arabia "Mountain", it's really more or less a big hill. But still, a beautiful site!

With camera in tow, we started our hike... first along a wooded sidewalk, then onto a wooded deck sidewalk that surrounds the base of the "Mountain". We were so eager to get to the top of the "mountain" that Erik and I decided to channel our inner trail blazer by hopping the railing (I know, I know such rebels!). We were immediately mesmerized by the geological formation and the unique plants growing out of the solid rock. We took pictures along the way and eventually made it to the top. Before we knew it, it was time to head home for the big game.

This was definitely one of my favorite little adventures and I can't wait to go back and explore more of the "mountain". Side Note: I thought some shots would look better without my jacket on, so I took it off … and then I almost died. I know, I know I’m so brave, so dedicated … or I’m just a wimp! Probably the last one :)

Arabia Mountain photo session
Picture test with photographers
Sky background portrait
It was quite windy
Hair glowing in the wind at Arabia Mountain
Modeling at Arabia Mountain
P-coat look
Arabia Mountain stone
Arabia Mountain water pool reflection
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