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Full Moon Christmas | Lunalee Photography Blog

Home for the holidays - This year Erik and I made our way back to South Carolina to spend Christmas with our families. We enjoyed quality time filled with opening presents, watching Christmas movies, playing board games, eating way too much food (as one does), but Christmas night was especially fun.

According to some random articles I saw on Facebook, this Christmas hosted a rare full moon. Apparently, a full moon on Christmas usually only happens every 19 years, but this time was different because a full moon on Christmas hadn't happened in nearly 4 decades. With a name like Lunalee, one could guess that moon stuff like this is pretty much right up our alley!

My younger brother (Bobby) had just gotten a new shutter release cord for his film camera (Nikon FM-10), so we all headed outside to try it out and take advantage of the beautiful lunar phenomena. We experimented with long exposure on Bobby's film camera and Erik pulled out our Canon 5D III. We didn’t have a much needed shutter release cord handy, so getting an exposure was a little tricky under only moonlight. Even so, Erik got some pretty sweet shots!

Christmas full moon, perhaps we can make this our ‘every-19-years’ Christmas tradition! … Until next time. :)

My youngest brother (John).

John standing on top of a car... basking in the moon light!

"...balls of gas burning billions of miles away." (Lion King quote)



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