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Meet Meg and Nathan!

This incredible couple combined family, a cozy at-home atmosphere and a pink couch into an intimate October wedding.

We all know that weddings rarely go as planned. Sometimes though, unplanned situations can turn into hidden blessings. Through an unlikely series of events, we were given the opportunity to be apart of Meg and Nathan’s wedding and couldn’t be happier for that opportunity.

The setting - A house in the countryside, surrounded by enchanting woods and blessed by beautiful fall weather. As soon as we arrived, a Chewbacca style cake was there to greet us. We instantly knew that Meg and Nathan were going to be a lot of fun. And we were so right! The next thing we know, we’re carrying a pink couch into the woods to create fairy-tale styled pictures!

And the fun never stopped! After a very sentimental ceremony, there was dancing, smores by the fire and a sparkler exit. On the car ride home, we both agreed that the single most touching thing about that evening was Meg and Nathan’s genuine love for their family. See the full gallery here.