Meet Meli & Chris

We’re an adventurous husband + wife photography team based in Georgia. 

We’re here to capture the wedding photos of your dreams! We’re here to make the wedding photography process a piece of cake, and we’re here to take the best photos you and your fiance will ever have.

We make sure to answer to your emails or texts as fast as we can, and we also help you choose locations, pick the best time for your ceremony, outfits, vendors, etc. We become your best friends. We make sure your wedding dress is fluffed up for your photos, and that the absolute best lighting is available for your photos by creating a customized photo timeline. We also want to know what’s important to you, which is why we ask you questions like “if you were looking back at your wedding photos, what would be the most important moments to see?.”

Check out a few killer samples pictures from us!