Q.)  What if we feel kinda awkward in front of a camera?
A.)  Let's be real, MOST people feel this way. You are not weird or different. But ya know what? We got you! Many of the pictures you see on our website and Instagram of couples looking bomb and having a great time initially felt this way. Once we get to know each other through an initial chat over FaceTime, hang with you at your engagement session and keep chatting more and more about your wedding day timeline deets, you will feel much more relaxed. We also have our ways of keeping things fun and chill when taking pictures. We aren't gonna ask you to be models or to figure it out by yourself. We are here to help! I kid you not, nearly every engagement session ends with our couples saying "Oh that wasn't bad at all, that was actually fun!". 

Q.)  What kind of services do you offer and what is the pricing?
A.)  We offer wedding photography and engagement photography services. General pricing can be found on our Contact Page

Q.)  My venue isn't booked yet, do I still fill out your contact form? 
A.)  I
t would be best to wait until you have a date and venue booked before contacting us. The reason is that we receive dozens of inquiries every week and your date may not be available from the time you send your first message to the time you are ready to book. While you finalize your date and venue, we got you! All of our general pricing information can be found on our Contact Page

Q.)  I just want an engagement session for now, can I book you for just that?
A.)  We give all of our local wedding couples a complimentary engagement session and typically need to keep our calendar clear to give them enough date options to choose from. The best way to get a free engagement session is to book a wedding package. 

Q.)  Is an engagement session extra or is it included?
A.)  An engagement session is always included for all Georgia area wedding packages. We wanna hang with you and get to know you. 

Q.)  How quickly do I need to contact you in order to book my date?
A.)  Please take your time, we would never want you to rush anything until you are ready. That being said, we often book up over a year in advance and turn away dozens of couples every month due to being previously booked. But please fill out our contact form to be sure! 


Q.)  Do you travel?
A.)  Yassss! We're local to Georgia, but photograph weddings all over the country. Over the past 4 years, we've traveled for our couples to Charleston SC, NYC, California, Oregon, Maine, Colorado, Mexico, Key West, Washington D.C and Asheville NC. Pricing information for travel can be found on our Contact Page

Q.)  Will both Christlyn AND Erik photograph my wedding?
A.)  Yes! We BOTH will be there to give you that little extra peace of mind that your day is covered by the dream team!

Q.)  Do you offer video services?
A.)  We do not, but know tons of crazy awesome videographers to recommend to you!

Q.)  Do you offer albums?
A.)  Yes! Albums are ordered after your wedding gallery has been delivered. You pick the pictures and we make the design. We will give you much more information after you book your wedding through us. 

Q.)  Do I keep the rights to the pictures for prints?
A.)  Yes indeed! We don't do all the restriction type of stuff. You get a print release for all of your images and have the freedom to do prints in any way you want. 

Q.)  What is the booking process like?
A.)  After you submit your contact form, we will reply within 24 hours! We'll setup a FaceTime or Skype chat to get to know each other before both signing a contract for your date. There is a 50% deposit required to secure your date. 

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