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How To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding...
So They Don't Feel Left Out

Can you bring your dog to your wedding? The short and simple answer is.... it depends. Dogs with any aggression, severe anxiety or social phobia are probably not a great idea. It's important to have someone there who is familiar with your pupper and will ensure he/she is comfortable and is where they need to be.


Here are a few options to consider.

1. Bring Them To The Engagement Session.


When bringing them to the wedding just isn't in the cards, maybe bringing them to your engagement session is! If you have a larger dog or more than one dog, it's a good idea to bring a loved one to help wrangle them so your photographer can keep their hands on their camera.

Another good option could be to do your engagement session at your home where your pup feels more comfortable.  

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2. Stop By The Wedding, But Don't Stay.


In this scenario, your pup wouldn't be a part of the wedding festivities, but you would still include them in a few precious pics. Either someone you know or a service can bring your pup by and also take them away afterwards. Pretty easy option and you still get pictures together!

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3. Stop By Your Place To See Them! 


It may not be feasible, but sometimes couples swing by their house between events just to say hello to their pup. If you are getting ready at your own place, you can kind of cheat this one! 

4. They Can Be In The Wedding!


And dressed up too. How handsome! But seriously, your dog will need to be very well trained in order for this to happen. If yours is, go for it! 

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5. Elope With The Whole Family.


Okay yah... it's not for everyone, but man how adorable!