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Middle school sweethearts Catie and Ethan are the perfect picture of true love. 

We met up with Catie and Ethan on a lovely fall afternoon at Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta.  We hadn't previously met them, but learned that they had been together since middle school!  How's that for a love story?  The highlight of the day was the leaf war!  Don't worry, nobody was hurt.  ;)


Everyone, meet Stasia and Vince!

From our meetings at coffee shops to their multi-day engagement session, Christlyn and I have had such a wonderful time getting to know Stasia and Vince.  This couple is a prime example of how just letting go and being yourselves in front of a camera can create truly beautiful and organic moments. 

What started off as a fun photoshoot with smoke bomb...

It all started when Zac told me that he was looking for a photographer for when he proposes to his girlfriend, Stacy.  I thought, how cute!  But then, he mentioned something truly amazing - He was proposing on top of a mountain!  From there, it was difficult to contain my excitement because I myself had done this exact same thing only 6 months ago when I proposed to C...

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