Our Philosophy

When you break it down, the main purpose of a wedding is to bring two souls together who are madly in love and have chosen to team up for this crazy adventure called life. And that’s a big freaking deal!

Our ultimate goal for your wedding day is to capture the real love you two share for each other in the most authentic way possible. We want you to look back at your pictures and see real smiles, genuine laughs and raw emotions. Throughout your wedding day, we will be documenting, so you will also get many candid moments. Since our picture style is candid blended with posed, the name of the game is to be yourself and have a great time. Don't worry, we
 will help with posing! Throughout the wedding process, we're here to help and can even help with timeline planning to ensure the most important moments and imagery are prioritized and built into your schedule.

In terms of look, we aim for a warm 'classic film look' that is both modern and timeless. 

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