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7 Essential Questions To Ask Before
Booking Your Wedding Photographer...
Before It's Too Late

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1. Ask About Their COVID-19 Policy

It's crazy to think, but some wedding photographers out there will not let you reschedule your wedding date if COVID-19 forces you to change your plans. Some will, but for a rescheduling fee. Be sure to ask!

2. Ask To See Reviews From Past Couples

Wedding Photography is just like most other professional services, reviews matter! Do you trust the photographer with 12 reviews or the one with over 100? Reviews matter!


3. Ask About Their Experience

Ask how long they've been in business and how many weddings they've photographed. Knowing how to take pretty pictures is not enough when it comes to being a wedding photographer. A wedding photographer is a timeline manager, gear wrangler, lighting expert, anticipator of moments and artistic expert all while maintaining a pleasant and gracious presence to you and your guests. It takes YEARS of experience.

Many newer photographers know only how to take pretty pictures, but are clueless how to manage the day when things aren't going as anticipated. It starts to rain and your pictures have to take place in a dim small room. Do they even have the tools to take pictures there? When you are running out of sunlight during family pictures and someone you needed for an important picture is missing right when reception staff asks you to move locations so they can setup... you are going to want a pro to handle that.


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4. Ask To See More Pictures

I cannot express to you how easy it is to be fooled by a snazzy Instagram feed or pretty website. None of that matters! Look at larger photo galleries. One dirty secret of the wedding photography world is how few photographers can actually handle taking pictures in low light situations. Sure, they rock the pretty sunlight stuff, but how are the pictures after it got dark? Is the reception dim and grainy looking? Professional indoor lighting should look like the picture below. Your deserve bright clear pictures!

If you ask them about their lighting and reception experience (and you should) and their answer is "well I'm really a natural light photographer" - RUN! No matter what they say, look over a full photo blog or gallery that includes a reception to see for yourself. If you are choosing between multiple photographers, compare their stuff. 

Also consider while looking at their photo galleries... Did they get important moments from more than one angle? Do they get good pictures of things happening that are further away (look at the ceremony)? Are the pictures stiff (look at the couple portraits)?  If they are, you are next!


5. Ask How Many Photographers Are Included

It's ESSENTIAL that you have TWO photographers on your wedding day to ensure nothing is missed. Sometimes, photographers don't include a second photographer at all... or do with an additional cost. You should always check.


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6. Ask If An Engagement Session Is Included

A lot of wedding photographers do not include an engagement session in their base photo packages, so be sure to check. Having an engagement session is a big part of your love story and also gives you the opportunity to get to know your photographer. If you and your photographer live nearby each other, you should totally ask for one!

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7. Ask To See A Sample Timeline

It can be hard to visualize your wedding day and what to include. Your photographer needs to be able to see your day in their head in order to help you navigate through any potential pitfalls. Before booking them, ask them to write up a draft of what your day will look like. As long as you know some of the basics, such as major location(s) and a ceremony time, your photographer should be able to do this for you. Be sure to ask about getting the best sunlight. Having a timeline with help visualize the flow of the day and what to prioritize. 

To see a sample timeline, CLICK ME