4 Tips To Feel Confident On Camera...
So Your Pictures Don't Bomb

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1. Know You Are Not Alone.


That's right, you are not weird to be initially nervous in front of the camera, most people feel the same way.


So many incredible pictures you drool over on Instagram or Pinterest are of couples who had the exact same fears. And then they crushed their pictures! Photoshoots are not a scary thing, if you book the right photographer. Make sure your photographer's portfolio features couples who don't look stiff! If their couples do look stiff, you're going to be next. Chat with your photographer either in person on over a video call before booking them. Trust me, you will feel so much better knowing that you're going to a photoshoot with someone who you have already met. Creating a relationship with your photographer through an initial consultation, engagement session and follow up planning will help you feel relaxed around them on your wedding day. Try to avoid booking a photographer and never seeing them at all until your wedding day.


2. Hire A Photographer Who Matches What You Want.


Yes, get the kind of pictures YOU want!


If you aren't sure what you want, go look up different photographer's stuff. You will need to look at larger photo galleries to get a sense of their style and if it matches yours. If you want wedding pictures that focus mainly on fun candids, hire a photographer who does that. You'll love yourself for doing it because it will be tons of fun and less stress. If you wanted candid stuff but you hired a photographer who focuses on glitz and glamour editorial photography, you will probably be stuck doing a bunch of pictures for them that you don't want. Yeah, chores on your wedding day. Not good! You will need to look at larger photo galleries to get a sense of their style and if it matches yours. It's perfectly fine to ask them during your initial consultation what their style and process are like and how they get the shots that they get.

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3. Have An Engagement Session With Your Photographer.


I promise you, photoshoots are not a scary thing.


So many couples show up to engagement sessions a bit nervous. By the end, every single one of them says "oh that wasn't bad at all, I had fun!" That feeling carries over to their wedding day too. Your engagement session experience will include a lot of smooching, running around and generally being weird. It's not a model call! Your photographer should be able to help you nail those romantic shots by communicating with you what needs to happen BUT also facilitate a fun environment where you get pictures with genuine smiles and laughs too. Knowing you crushed your engagement shoot will give you confidence going into your wedding day!


4. Don't Force Anything.


So yes, you're obviously going to want nicely posed formal family pictures, wedding party pictures and a few nicely posed ones of you and your boo. Gotta get those timeless keepsakes. But if that's the only formal posing you really want, that's perfectly fine. The rest can be candids or fun stuff!


Don't let your family, friends or a photographer make you do anything just for pictures. We hear it all the time. Your bestie (who means well) insists you do that set of pictures she did on her wedding day... but you honestly couldn't care. You do you, it's your wedding day! Your photographer will make you aware of some pictures that were planned that haven't happened yet. So long as you are aware and okay with skipping them, by all means, skip them or cut them a bit short. The last thing you want is a photographer making you do things you don't want to do on your wedding day. Your frustration will certainly show in your pictures.

In the picture below, we were a bit behind finishing up pictures. But you know what? Makena & Evan wanted to take a minute to dance and not pose for the camera. So that's exactly what we did! This was one of their favorite images of the entire day.