3 Simple Tips To Crush Your Engagement Session

1. Outfits


No matter what, always wear what you feel comfortable in and expresses who you are. If you would never in a million years wear something unless it's for the photoshoot... then don't wear that! The name of the game is feel comfortable and relaxed. You don't have to wear super formal outfits, sometimes it's a good idea to keep things casual n' comfy. Having an exclusively formal outfit will limit the options your photographer has to get fun action shots. One option is to start with the formal outfit and then change to a more relaxed outfit for the second half of the photoshoot.

Choose colors that match the environment of the photoshoot location. For example, a bright pink dress doesn't match a green and yellow forest setting. Black and whites are always a good choice if you aren't sure what colors to choose. Neutral colors are great! Instead of bright candy apple red, try garnet. Instead of bright colorful yellow, try mustard yellow. Instead of baby blue, try navy. Super duper bright and colorful colors can be a distraction from the main attraction, you and your boo.

You can bring wardrobe options! You can send your photographer a picture if you aren’t too sure what to wear and they can help. It couldn’t hurt to bring a few options to go over before the shoot. You may be able to do a wardrobe change during the shoot, but that all depends on where the shoot is and if there's anywhere to change. Bring a small bag for carrying clothing options and to hold your phones/keys during the shoot.

Oh and do please accessorize! Bring hats, necklaces, bandanas, scarves, jackets, bow ties, suspenders!

While it’s certainly not necessary, you can also bring props. By that, I do not mean a sign or letter board from a craft store. There are a lot of awesome props that you can incorporate into your shoot, but only if they make sense for you and the style/location. Here are a few fun options. Blankets, flowers, fur babies, guitars, campfires, motorcycles or even food and drinks like pizza or champagne. 

M&J RE-1.jpg

2. Location

To be honest, locations you think may think look good, don't look good in pictures. Your photographer should have suggestions for where to go that looks good from a picture standpoint. That's part of the expertise they bring. City locations can be cool, but be careful of crowds, traffic, construction and access restrictions. Nature areas are typically safer and more accessable without hiccups.

You don't necessarily need to work in two different locations, especially if it requires a lot of driving. That's because you may not have your photographer for that long and also because you don't want to start too earlier because the sun doesn't look good until late. The best time of day to take pictures is 1-2 hours before sunset, so go for that nice light!


3. Max-Chillax!


I promise you, photoshoots are not a scary thing. So many couples show up to engagement sessions a bit nervous. By the end, every single one of them says "oh that wasn't bad at all, I had fun!" That feeling (max-chillax feeling) carries over to their wedding day too! Your engagement session experience will include a lot of smooching, running around and generally being weird. It's not a model call! Your photographer should be able to help you nail those romantic shots by communicating with you what needs to happen BUT also facilitate a fun environment where you get pictures with genuine smiles and laughs too.


Trust me, you are going to CRUSH your engagement session!